Friday, January 12, 2007

Warren Buffet Interview

Here is a great interview with Warren Buffet! The Oracle from Omaha visits Israel. Special interview on TheMarker TV.

Warren Edward Buffett Biography : Famous American Investor - Stock Market Guru
Famous for : The successful Berkshire Hathaway Company, 2nd Richest man in the world, & Philanthropist
Buffet details : Born - August 30, 1930 Omaha, Nebraska / Lives - United States of America - Omaha

Buffet Quotes, Warren Buffet Quotes,

"Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing."
Warren Buffett - Stock Market - Investing - Knowledge

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years."
Warren Buffett - Stock Market - Long Term Investing

"We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."
Warren Buffett - Greed - Fear - Investing

"Why not invest your assets in the companies you really like? As Mae West said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"."
Warren Buffett - Investing - Assets

"Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business."
Warren Buffett - Branding

"Our favourite holding period is forever."
Warren Buffet - Long Term Investing

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