Thursday, January 18, 2007

Always improving, learning, watching videos, the life of a Pro

That's what Jermaine O'Neal did and does in the offseason. We recently found a great article talking about Jermaine O'Neal working hard in the offseason especially in the department of keeping his hands straight and up just like what Hakeem Olajuwon, a 12-time All-Star who was a force in the paint would do.

Hard work does pay off. Jermaine O'neal aka JO, worked extremely hard during this past summer and hopes of a great season, and to make the All-Defensive team. Well, JO is doing just that, he is currently leads the league in blocks with 3.1 swats per game, up from 2.3 bpg last year and 1.8 bpg over his career.

Working to expand his game during the summer, JO made an effort to raise his defensive play with his sights set on the All-Defensive team. Sounds like Larry Joe Legend has had an impact on how his talent views what truly great players bring to the game. One of the keys to his improvement in blocks is explained here:

O'Neal, who spent the summer in Indianapolis working out with the team's training staff, spent part of the off season looking at a tape of Hakeem Olajuwon, a 12-time All-Star who was a force in the paint, that older brother Clifford gave him.

The average basketball fan may not notice the difference, but what caught O'Neal's eye about Olajuwon helped him block more shots.

Olajuwon started his shot blocking motion with his hand up. O'Neal routinely started his motion with arm down by his side.

"Simple hand placement," O'Neal said. "The difference between a guy getting a shot off and you blocking a shot is merely a second. That's a difference from you having to come from your waist to up high. It makes it easier to block a shot when your hand is already up."

Here is another great example of how you videos, and working on your individual skills and through hard work can pay off and make dreams come true.

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