Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Investing Proves Popular in 2007

Investing strategies that counter recession prove popular

Rather what all the 2007 predictions on the ecomony are. We still have a worrisome culture going on. But, let's remember the stories of 2006 that could help us look into more of where or what 2007 could bring us. We are hear to tell you...Forget what economists predict and forget the hype you get from Wall Street. Whether there is a recession or not in 2007 there is likely to be a flight to more-conservative investments among mainstream portfolio savers. You don't have to search too hard around the globe to find a flashpoint, and you can assess for yourself the chances that one of them will ignite next year. Lots of people were hot on commodities in 2006; the hot commodity in 2007 might just be fear. Oh, the No. 1 Personal Finance story this year:

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