Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shaq is into investing check this out!

You have to check this out! That's right Shaq's selling his pad! And it's only selling for $35,000,000. That's right this beautiful 19,440 square feet, 8 bedroom, 11 full and 3 half baths! Why you want or need more bathrooms than bedrooms we still don't know.

This house was bought through a trust in 2004 for $18,800,000 according to public records. He then tried to turn around and listed the property less than one year later for $32,000,000. A short time later, the house was taken off the market. And then it was put back on the market in late 2006...for $3,000,000 more than before! Yes children, this man thinks he's entitled to a $16,000,000 profit after less than three years of owning the home. We know the real estate has been insane in Miami the last few years, but it has not been this insane. And who knows if Shaq will get is investment or money back. Read the more of the story!

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