Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stock Market Closes High on Tuesday

The Closing was a very and high this Tuesday evening, since the Dow Jones industraial closed adding 33 points, or .3%, to 12,523, and the Nasdaq Composite was also up 8 points, or .3%, at 2449. Even better the S&P added another 8 points, or .6%, at 1429. Not a bad Tuesday after all.

Though, we don't feel as if anyone is ready to make any really big bets, considering tomorrow starts a two-day Federal Reserve meetting. Some major talk for the next few days will be taking place in Washington, D.C., where the Fed is gathering for the first day of a policy meeting. The central bank will meet again Wednesday before wrapping up its initial conference of 2007.

While no one is expecting change in the fed funds for the 5th straight time, though this will be interesting to see how it place out on the market. While, so many are looking for some type of rate cute something this year, it will probably not happend in the next two days.

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