Monday, January 08, 2007

GPS for 2007

GPS units for 2007
What will be next with all this tracking of the GPS for 2007.

This holiday and even into the 2007 GPS technology is on the radar for lots of people, teens, and even families. Noting that GPS sales were up 66% last year and we think they will continue to rise. Check out what some of the leading GPS companies are offering these days:

Garmin - Garmin we believe is on top of the GPS game and now has just released the Astro Dog Tracking System. This sleek design is targeting hunters which is a handheld GPS unit combining a 5-inch antenna and a dog collar. This is allowing dog owners to track their dogs' anywhere and everywhere. So no matter if your duck hunting or racoon hunting you will know where you dog is at all times. While this is first targeted at hunters the dog industry and dog lovers could be a hot idea this upcoming year. Garmin is stating it should be ready in June 2007 and will come out costing right around $649.

Garmin also released the Nuvi 680 ($999), and this is the top of the line GPS unit. This GPS unit is first ever to have MSN Direct Service providing up-to-the-minute traffic, weather, real-time gas prices, and movie times. The Garmin Nuvi 580 provides the services, too, for $799.

Magellan - This company is coming out with the first pocket-size Crossover GPS. This new Crossover GPS unit is handing and can be used for just about anything. Things such as hiking, on-foot outdoor travels, in-car navigation and etc. The Crossover GPS contains topographical maps for all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico and retails for $549.

TomTom - They products continue to drop as now the TomTom One is now currently only $399.

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