Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why ETFs could be the way to go

ETF's look like the smart and safe way to go in rough markets. Why, because they are like traditional index funds, but only better while giving you the same diversiftication without the large broker fees and paying those taxes. Well, let's just stay it does not take a today's market to stir up the ETF being the next smartest, coolest thing to come along since, well the index funds! Just to paint the full picture for you. Check these numbers out...ETFs have exploded from 30 different ETFs with $34 billion in assests just six years ago, where as today there are over 200 ETF to pick from and a booming more then $300 Billion assests! If that's not telling you something, wake up and hear the wall street bell because it should be telling you something. ETF can be found in just about every sector, subsector, entertainment, gold, and even forex exchange such as the euro! So maybe some of you are convinced but maybe just convinced that ETF is a new hyped investment that a lot of people are jumping on the band wagon. Well, we are not here to debate that issue. Instead we would like to start a serious of how ETFs might be able to added in your portfolio, in return making your investing strategy that much strong in the long term that is.

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