Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just a thought!

Here is an idea. It's a work smarter not harder idea. Everyone and thier brother is talking about the market and where this and that is going. Try this one for once, instead of complaining and spending our time talking about where the market is going. Why not spend some time researching, and really doing your homework in stocks that are first staying steady in this type of market, and second some potential that could be future buying stocks when you think the market has hit it's low and ready for the upward swing. It's like preparing yourself for the future WOW...what an idea!

Again, be looking for those stocks that stand steady and strong in such a market as today. Search for some of the stocks that did not loss 50% or more, this might be the steady and strong stocks for the future. Just waiting for the market and smart investors to come on board before it starts taking off again just like the market will.

Be looking for the stocks that have a nice combination of strong growth, great earnings, sales growth would be a must, and top it off with a solid fundamentals and profit margin. I easy way to truly check out the company's strong earnings would be to checking out the company's earning per share rating. This EPS is rated and measured every company from a 1 (lower/worst) to 99 (highest/best).

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