Sunday, June 11, 2006

More signals and charts part two

Here are some tips, suggestions, and flags to be looking for in charts. We all know that signals and charts are very important to be looking at in research for stocks that you own or looking to buy. Rather it's a long term position or short term position there are times to be checking and seeing if it's time to let go and give into cash. Here are some things to be looking for in stocks that you should be letting go.

Volume is must to be looking, charting, and watching our for high volume selling. This is a quick yellow flag that shows people are selling the stock at high volume and mostly for a reason. Make sure you watching the trend lines of it's moving average, this is a must to keep your eye on these trend lines. Remember your out to make money not lose money. So lastly, be looking at your stocks high prices in the previous weeks to months and if you see stock getting above this it might be a good signal to take your gains and let go!

Remember the most important of all is to be doing your research, follow your rules, and enjoy trading.

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