Sunday, June 11, 2006

Signals and Charts

Signals and Charts to watching for.

Here are some tips, suggestions, and flags to be looking for in charts. We all know that signals and charts are very important to be looking at in research for stocks that you own or looking to buy. Rather it's a long term position or short term position there are times to be checking and seeing if it's time to let go and give into cash. Here are some things to be looking for in stocks that you should be letting go.

Always, always, always check out the volume of your of the stock. If the volume of the stock is low, but the stock is having new highs this is a good signal or at least a yellow flag to be looking and maybe looking to let go. Trends are to be followed, example if you have rode a stock for several months or maybe years and now it seems to be suddenly changing...well that change can be a fast downhill slide. Also, you need to be looking at the stock if it's closing at or close to the stocks low of the day, this could be a vulnerable time and a signal to sell. Lastly, if it's dropping and it's dropping fast don't keep telling yourself it's going to get better, because sooner then later it's going to get worse!

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