Monday, June 05, 2006


SPIL is moving very close to it's 200 day average. Institutional holding is up, buyers outnumber sellers about 2 to 1, and history tells us this is a good stock to hide in during June... when our market gets a bit weird.

Increase in earnings for this year is targeted at 50% plus. FY 06 earnings are estimated at .75 @ share which if you do some conservative math gives you at least $7.50 @ share and it's currently $6.27...and that's using my "chicken little" math... you can apply whatever PE feels good. Institutional holders include Fidelity Management and Barclays Global. Best of all, 8.8% of the stock is insider held. That means not only their reputations, but their billfolds are on the line. My kinda' set up Smile

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