Tuesday, June 27, 2006

EMC Corporation

Why EMC is looking good though it has hit a 52-week low. EMC Corporation and its subsidiaries engage in the development and delivery of information infrastructures worldwide. It operates in four segments: EMC Information Storage Products, EMC Multiplatform Software, EMC Services, and VMware.

Looking at the trend charts, trends of the market, and trends of the EMC's industry. Along with other factors such as a very strong position in the disk storage industry. Coming with up with statistics such as EMC holding 21.8% of external disk storage systems. Plus, the diversified fact of EMC makes it pretty appealing. With EMC corp. being in development and delivery in information worldwide.

The things that are really sticking out to us, are the 0. We know usually that 0 is not a good number but in this case it is. This 0 is the long term debt that EMC has. Put that long term debt of 0 on top of generating $1.3 billion in annual free cash flow. Now do you see why we are liking this one. So this is one of the reasons why we think that EMC can be strong in the upcoming months.

Though, we will be completely honest with you do we feel that EMC is at it's complete low. It's hard to say, but we feel that it will still be dropping some. But, be looking for this EMC to be on the raise once the whole market settles and EMC might just be leading the way.

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WMN said...

What do we know about Rob Loucks at EMC? All I know is that he's some EMC VP (but of what?) who told my wife that he wants to see my resume because he's hiring. He knows I'm with MSFT and not interested in staff work, but he is apparently still keen knowing more about me because of my HE experience.

Does anyone have a bio on him, or can even just tell something about his line, plus give me his phone number? I have his e-mail address of course, but am not comfortable with this at this stage unless it's more about person to person networking, even if it’s over the phone, at least to start. Later if it goes well, I’ll kill the tree.