Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stock Options can be the safe way to play

Sometimes some of the safest plays can be stock options. That's right, this could be a safe insurance to know for sure what your getting and your bidding on whatever price you think the stock will be in the future!

We personally like some stock options currently in some for the short and others for the long term.

Check and research some of the these stock options!

Parallel Petroleum Corporation (NasdaqNM:PLLL) engages in the acquisition, development, and exploitation of oil and natural gas reserves in Texas and New Mexico. It produces and sells oil and natural gas. The July calls on 20 are looking sort of interesting with high volume sort of pushing them as well. This would be a good one to be looking at.

Nokia (NYSE:NOK - News) had plenty of put buying relative to call buying. The July 20 puts is one that is striking to us. Maybe it's worth some of your own research to look into this one.

PORTALPLAYER INC (NasdaqNM:PLAY) this is one that a lot of looking at for the 10 calls for this month. It's interesting and will be interesting to see where or what this plays out (with no pun intended)!

Carnival (NYSE:CCL - News) also had plenty of put buying relative to call buying. The stock closed at 36.41 and the July 37 1/2 puts (CCL SU) closed at 1.90 - 2.00.

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