Friday, April 21, 2006

Earnings, expired, and excitement!

Wow, this Third friday of April has beena busy day!

First to top of the earnings, no other then Google (GOOG) jumping up to a hugh gain, and of the biggest gains in about 6 months. That's right GOOG closed on Thursday evening at 415, and then opens the day after the earnings coming out. It opens at a high gain of 450! Google is still one of the top companies out to watch for and really do your homework and makes some money on this one. Just think if you would have put in $85 for this company back in nice of return would that be today's 450!

Also, Ford (F) is doing a lot of moving today, but it's in the opposite direction as Google (goog). Ford states a lot of downgrades, jobloss, and so much more! Not looking real good for the Ford company!

Also, today is the expired...for all those calls, puts, and options. Which stocks did you put in for your stock options this month?

We can not forget to mention the excitement of all this crude oil information. What's going on, and where is this one going? All I can say I am glad that it's not winter, and start looking to purchase a hybrid. Interested to see what Crude Oil closes as today!

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