Thursday, October 19, 2006

Escala Group Inc. (ESCL)

Escala Group Inc. (ESCL)

Escala Group is a global federation of leading companies in the collectibles market with operations in North America, Europe and Asia as well as on the Internet. The company operates through a number of subsidiaries that specialize in various sectors of the collectibles markets, and is comprised of three business areas: auctions, merchant/dealer operations and trading.

Escala Group's North American operations include Greg Manning Auctions division, Ivy & Manning Philatelic Auctions, Greg Manning Galleries, Greg Martin Auctions, Spectrum Numismatics, Teletrade, Nutmeg Stamp Sales, Superior Sports Auctions, Bowers and Merena Auctions, and Kingswood Coin Auctions, and H.R. Harmer. In Europe, the leading auction houses affiliated with the network are Auctentia Subastas (Afinsa Auctions) of Madrid, Spain, Corinphila Auktionen of Zurich, Switzerland, and the Koehler group of auction companies of Berlin and Wiesbaden, Germany. In Asia, Escala's auctions operations are conducted through John Bull Stamp Auctions, Ltd, the oldest philatelic auction house in Hong Kong.

The trading activities of Escala Group are conducted through A-Mark Precious Metals, one of the largest private sellers of bullion coins and bullion gold, silver and platinum to the wholesale marketplace.

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