Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Angeion Corp. (ANGN)

Angeion looks to be a buy for us here at 'Stocks Online'

These charts look good to me ANGN charts, but what do I know!

Also, it has some really good chart on stock charts check it out here!

One good thing that I really enjoyed and stuck out was the earning went from a loss of $(1.86)/share in 2001 down to a loss of $(.25)/share in 2005. The Angeion (ANGN) has turned around a profit with $.41/share reported. The Angeion (ANGN) has kept its 4 million shares outstanding stable from 2001 to present reports.

One thing that is a must for a lot of fundamentals is the free cash flow! Which with ANGN has been negative at $(1) million in 2003-2005, turned positive with $2 million reported as of recently. So that's a pretty impressive turnout that is turning a lot of head including ours here at stocks online! Also, with a $2.5 million in cash and $11.9 million in other current assets.

Seems to be an interesting look or at least one to be checking out and keeping an eye on it. Espcially after Angeion (ANGN) shares soared 80% on Monday after the tiny medical diagnostic systems maker swung to a fiscal third-quarter profit.

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