Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sun Microsystems release Java Standard Edition 6

Sun Microsystems has released the latest version of their Java development kit. This Java kit will make it easier for developers to mix JavaJava technology with other languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Sun's idea was to solve the developers problem of what is said "developers wanted to use other languages with the java. Until now the developers were not able to create this great mix application. Sun has created a collection of scripting engines on its Web site, and Java SE 6 includes a preconfigured version of Mozilla's open-source Rhino JavaScript engine.

"Java SE 6 is an extremely significant release for us," said Jean Elliott, Sun's senior director of Java platform product marketing. She drew particular attention to community participation in the platform's development. For the first time, hundreds of non-Sun developers had some input into the Java SE development process, beginning in September 2004 as Sun released Java SE 5.

Over two years in the making, Sun Microsystems is due to release the latest version of its Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) software Monday, placing particular emphasis on the application development platform's support for other scripting languages.

Java SE 6 comes with support for Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, the business release of which made its debut late last month.

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