Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cramer, Jim Cramer, Cramer Mad Money!

Here is a new one for you and myself, but it's going on. We are calling it the Cramer report and that's right it's all about the Cramer report. Cramer report is very entertaining and he is drawing a great fan base or even close to a bandwagon that continue to turn into his Cramer TV Mad Money! Cramer with all his rants about business and investing during Mad Money, it's like ESPN hits the stock market so BOOYAH!

Though, Cramer, Mad Money, the street, Cramer's Blog all that is honestly is great. Cramer is a very smart man, and the fact of the matter is...Cramer is a genius! There is one thing that what we would like to talk about today. This would be what we are calling the cramer bandwagons. These are the average joe trader sitting on the couch yelling booyah right along with Cramer throughout the whole show. Some of these same people are traders that could take every little thing that Cramer says rather it's entertaining or serious they are taking it all in as stock information to the very last booyah Cramer says! But, the fact of the matter is they are not stopping there. They will then run to there computer and get on yahoo stock discussion boards, stock forums, and etc and will continue to repeat everything that Cramer stated rather it was a joke or not.

So, your probably asking yourself so what...everyone had there opinion which is fine and great and dandy! Even Cramer has his strong and funny opinions as well. Though, the fact of the matter is people on this Cramer bandwagon are taking his word and turning into gold or even better investing. Investing is not rocket science we know this, but it's not always that easy as well.

Though, here is a new Cramer bandwagon theory that seems to be sort of trend of and in of it's self. The Cramer bandwagon strategy is go buy the stock that Cramer picks, and it should be going up. Why, because Cramer has these bandwagon fans that will take everything that he has to say and will start discussing them and even buying into his stock suggestions!

Well, to conclude, keep tuning into Mad Money, reading Cramer's log, the cramer report, and etc. We know for sure we will. It's a great resource for new stock ideas, and his introductions to be loaded with great information. Though, remember to do your own homework, listen with one ear while read and research with two eyes, and then you will be the true booyah stock winner! And Remember...Picks that stick. Stocks that rock. Equities sans inequities. Money without the madness. Booyah!

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