Monday, May 01, 2006

The weekend in review

Mircosoft news

Well, the big news is Microsoft. That's right after falling not really off the charts so to speak, but for Microsoft. It sure did fall pretty hard and fast after it's quarter results. Some are saying it's a buy, it's low, and it's a big and yours stupid if you don't buy this one at the market. Which should be opening right around 24.20 or somewhere around there. Which is a very low price for MSFT, but others are saying wait a minute rememeber this one....Gateway Inc. (GTW)! Some are saying just be aware that believe or not even Microsoft could fall pretty low. Though, with the new Xbox or xbox 360 or whatever it's called. I don't see Microsoft falling to low, but who really knows. It's up to you and what you want to invest in!


Gold sector is still the hot. You can say it's as hot as gold or something like that! This sector is still one to be investing and has shot up like no other. Don't mark our word, but everyone elses....that's right it's still on up! Part of what's driving the prices is the strong global economy -- it's partly China and now also Japan, as well as continued growth in the U.S.

Gas prices

Gas prices are still going up as well. Though, that said, there is a one single question that everyone is still wanting answers.

If the gas prices keep going up, how is that oil companies, gas companies, and etc keep making money and going up as well!

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