Thursday, October 13, 2005

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So your not doing what you want in the market. Well, maybe it's time to refocus, replan, regroup, and think of rediversified portfolio of stocks or stock funds.

That's right this is the new thing to be looking for. Depending on what your looking for a in goal terms will really help you focus your plan. Rather it's retirement, college, or just looking to play around with alittle extra cash. This will help get your goals down, your plan, and to mix it up.


1. narrow it down to what you really want. Goals, plans, focus. Did we mention goals already, because this is really a key point. You really need to figure out what your finicial goals are to win in stock market game!

2. stock bond mix. This will help in whatever stage you are at. Where you get get some money fast if you need to while putting money away in the stocks and bonds. So go with a good mix of both.

3. lastly, Give it a good mix in terms of not getting stuck in just one investment way. Also think in terms of a basketball team or any team. You can not just have all guards playing basketball you need a big man, some good players coming off the bench. It's the same way in the stocks, you can not put every last cent into the stock market, you need to spread it around...and we suggest a good diversified portfolio of stocks or stock funds.

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EResourcesForSuccess said...

I can't decide if studying stock index table really helps of it it's all just a big crap shoot.