Wednesday, June 15, 2005

GRDI Select, L.P.

GRDI is launching its newest hedge fund, the GRDI Select, L.P. By law, hedge funds are largely unregulated by U.S. security laws and are strictly prohibited from advertising. As a result, the GRDI Select, L.P. hedge fund is offered as a private investment partnership. We can only extend this offer to fewer than 100 lucky investors who meet certain important qualifications. GRDI Select, L.P. will diversify between a number of different investment styles, strategies and managers to completely control all risk.

According to The Stock ReportTM, GRDI Select, L.P. is positioned for a 22% return during the first quarter after launch. Thereafter, returns can be expected to grow at an average rate no less than 32%, based upon similar returns from funds run by the experienced investment team at GRDI using similar strategies and the latest technology.

GRDI Select, L.P. is a private, unregistered investment pool that is unencumbered by disclosure and filing requirements imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This massively reduces our administrative costs. In addition, the tax implications are superior for the individual investor because all monies will be safely held in off-shore tax havens. Unlike traditional investments, GRDI Select, L.P. will not track recognized indexes. GRDI Select, L.P. will seek out unconventional investment strategies, which will guarantee much higher returns.


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